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Transformational Energy Breathwork

All Breathwork is not created equal.

Not the normal breathing practices taught to many.

This is different.

Much different.


It is one of the most Transformational Practices I offer.


As Jonathan Foust used to say,

“The Best Game in Town”


It is an offering, I trust in with my whole heart & soul.


A practice that powerfully moves stuck

Energy within your WHOLE BEING.


A transformational consciousness  practice, an experience no words can truly convey.

It is a practice I offer in some of my private retreats, one on one sessions and in small groups.




Most common:

“When can do I do this again?”


“Twenty years of therapy hasn't taken me that far.”


“I felt every ounce of anger leave my body.”


“I felt my Soul.”


“I have never felt safe enough to let go like that.”


“I have never experienced anything like that before.”


“I feel so Alive.”


Often, with tears in their eyes…



This list goes on & on.


The practice is Powerful, Transformational and allows the intelligence of your own energy to do exactly what is needs to do for you in that moment.



Connect to the True Self

Possible Healing of Traumas

Removing Blocked Energy

Awakening Greater Vitality

And so much more…


Every time is different.

This practice is not something I offer lightly.  It is not something I offered for years upon years of training in the mind, body, soul world. I honor its transformational power, and I am more than confident in facilitating it.




~I am over 1000hr formally trained as a yoga teacher. + 1000’s of hours repeated immersion in the Yoga Teacher Trainings.

~ I taught at Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health for 10 years, for 6 of those years I assisted the 200hr & 300hr yoga teacher trainings “regularly”, thank you to the Dean at the time. I was able to become a traveling intern, & for 12 years I facilitated up & coming yoga teachers.

~I did a 4 1/2 year training on becoming an Acharya (Spirital Teacher) with Two original Ashram members of Kripalu from back when it began in Pennsylvania.  Vidya ( Carolyn Dell’uomo) & Devarshi ( Steven Hartman). Vidya was right with Swami Kripalu in the 4 years he traveled from in India to be here.  Including an additional training by Vidya in Prana Facilitation.

~I coached this Breathwork for 12 years in a program called the Energy Intensive offered by the two former presidents of the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, Shobhan & Sudir both past Ashram members. I assisted this Intensive for 12 years. (after assisting top presenters, workshops & trainings regularly for 12 years there, including many over & over again, in my opinion, the Energy Intensive hands down was the most powerful) I remember saying them “this program is so powerful & needed in the world who is going to offer this when you two stop”, Shobhan looked me in the eye and said “YOU ARE”


People came back over & over again to take it.

WHY trust me?


A few of the truly countless presenters beyond all of the Extraordinary Kripalu teachers, many unfortunately not there anymore. I assisted regularly over my 12 years of immersion.  

Gabby Bernstein many times, Caroline Myss many times, Deepak Chopra, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Byron Katie, Rodney & Colleen Yee many times, Elizabeth Gilbert, Dr Eric Pearl, Mukunda Stiles, Judith Lasater, Natalie Goldberg, Mooji, Stephen Cope, Oriah Mountain Dreamer, Tara Brach, Julia Cameron, Richard Miller, Kamini Desai, Bessel Van der Kolk many times, and truly countless others never mind staff managing & assisting the Yoga Therapist Conferences, Yoga Nidra Conference,  Countless Kripalu Yoga Conferences, Positive Psychology Conference &&&&&

Often being behind the scenes with them I received my greatest teachings.


I made a trip to Florida to assist the powerful Prana Awakening program led by the former Guru of Kripalu,  Amrit Desai. He was Swami Kripalu’s disciple in India, and why the Kirpalu Center for yoga and health exists. I had assisted many of the former Ashram members trained by him, each vastly different. I felt there was a missing link. It felt right to go learn, for myself how he offered Prana Awakening. Having the time to sit with him in his living room in deep conversation and deeply listen to all he generously shared. All I can say is Wow. No words could convey. (full disclosure I do not place people on pedestals, the above & below thing isn't for me, nor is a “guru”)


In my experience one,  two, twenty + organizations, teachers, trainings, conferences isn't near enough. There are so many views, on the same teachings. There are many positives & perhaps negatives that being behind the scenes offered me an expanded view, even in the most “ Conscious”.

I learned from ALL of it, and wouldn't trade any of it, the good, bad or indifferent. No judgement simply clearer awareness.

Boxes don't nor have ever work for me. Even the ones that look neat & tidy with a bow upon them.


I share my experiences,  not as a look at me. This was my chosen path.

This was my choice, my dedication & my commitment to the extremely VAST experiences of Whole Being Mind, Body Soul work.

I hold all my offerings with great reverence. This offering is different because of its nature. It is extremely powerful.


My practices, trainings & vast experiences were not a certificate checklist for me. It wasn't one year, two years or 5 years of word experience study. Mine was an immersion now 20+ years deep.

I took the turtle pace in my teachings to actually practice, keep learning, & keep practicing.

Not the traditional path to say the least.


These past few years since Covid I re-entered the Tony Robbins world. His 47 years of experience palpable. This past year being gifted the opportunity to IMMERSE in his trainings & teachings which in his words “Life & Business is a Spiritual Game.”

38 years ago when I was in his workshop he was not teaching Whole Being practices, Now it is all Embodied Whole Being. Energy at the forefront.


To say I've studied energy is an understatement.




If you are interested in possibly scheduling an in-person session,

I am here.


No experience needed,

No belief system is needed.

Simply a willingness to step into your energy, your true intelligence that you are born with, and see what emerges.


No, it's not a one-and-done quick fix for all of life. Yet it is one of the most Transformational practices,

 I and the extraordinary teachers who came before me have experienced this as well.


I remember my first day ever assisting the Energy Intensive now many years ago, my life path became crystal clear. This was the work I was meant to offer within the world. This isn't a side gig for me, this is what I do, my truest life work.



Here I Am.


A side note…

This Breathwork will be part of my September 2024,

Awakening the Soul Retreat in

Tuscany, Italy


Grateful ~ Thankful ~ Blessed

by all the abundance of teachers that have come before me. I AM honored to pass on what you so generously taught.


Transformational Energy Breathwork

$450.00 ~ private session

Package Deal:

Five scheduled Breathwork Sessions

Two (1/2 hour) Whole-Being Coaching sessions


Small group Breathwork Sessions:

2-3 people ~ $375.00 (per person)

4-6 people ~ $350.00 (per person)



Dear Laura
I wanted to write to you and tell you what a transformational process our breath work session had on me.  I went in without any expectations about what “breath work” really was.  I wanted to see for myself what I’ve read about in many healing stories.  I am a medium/psychic as you know, and I know all about energy and how it works, at least I thought I did.

I wanted to say thank you from my heart and soul  for bringing me on a journey I could not have fathomed in my wildest dreams or even in any of my mediumship or spiritual-healing classes.  It really was beyond the scope of what I had ever imagined.  I have done years of self healing and inner work because  i've had an especially traumatic packed life.  I have had a lot to discover about myself and began to  peel away some of those  layers on my own.  This, as you can imagine, has taken years of inner work. 

However,  if I could give to others  what one session with you did for me, I would be the most sought after  life coach on the planet! 

What is this beautiful gift?

If I could ask that question it would go something like  this; “Where have you been all my life, and why has it taken me so long to find you”?”   And also you (Laura).  Im not sure it is humanly possible to find the words of what happened in this session, as I am still processing it all.  Energetically and spiritually I can truly say every person on this planet needs to go and have a session with you.  They have only to “gain” …...Gain back a  big piece of themselves and set themselves forward spiritually, emotionally and physically.

Thank you for giving me the “safe space” that you provided, I feel you have to trust the process and the person coaching you through, and you not only gave me the comfort, but the space, the trust, and the knowledge to just let go!

I am looking forward to doing this again, and will be sending my clients to you as well.  We all need some healing, and you are by far one of the best people I have met on my personal spiritual and self discovery journey.

In Love and Humbled beyond words,
Leah DiNapoli

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