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About me...

" If you are lucky enough to explore with Laura, she will invite you into an experience you can only touch when you feel safe and loved. From this place, the wisdom of your heart can flow."


~ Jonathan Foust, 

Guiding Teacher, the Insight Meditation Community of Washington 

Former President of Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health.

Laura Mushenko

I've been on a self-development journey since I was a teenager. I was fascinated as I listened to motivational speakers and wondered why this is not taught in schools. 

I was interested in learning more. I eventually expanded my interest from self-development into spirituality, something I

never intended to do. 


To say my journey has been a crazy one is an understatement. The experiences, immersion of training, and world-renowned teachers brought me on a path I never knew possible nor did I know existed. What I do know, is that self-development and spirituality have transformed my life. My immersion has allowed me an experience of daily life, that I wouldn't change for the world.

My mission, my life work is to share all the tools, pieces of training, and teachings with you.

Those who want more in this lifetime. Those who are ready to transform their lives. 

Beyond the coaching...

I live every day as...

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